Christ The King Lutheran Church

Our Mission | The purpose of Christ the King is to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people and make them disciples of Jesus

Parish Nurse


The Mission of the Parish Nurse is to share the love, care, and forgiveness of Jesus and assist those with physical mental, and spiritual issues.

We have Blood Pressure checks on the 1st Sun. of the month, following the 8:00 am and 10:30 am services.

We sponsor two "Ask the Doctor ...."  series each year.  Various medical doctors come and share information about their specialty. Also people who work in various  medical departments share about their specialty.     

On Saturday, July 14 we will be celebrating the lives of Cancer Survivors.  Join us that evening in the Fellowship Hall for a Celebration including homemade Ice Cream Sundaes!


We also help organize a celebration for Cancer Survivors in the spring.


Jan Hill

Jan graduated from Memorial Hospital School of Nursing 1959. In 1960 she married Dennis Hill who currently servces as Lay Minister.

Jan has worked as an RN in Surgery,  Leavenworth, Ks - 11 years, also part-time RN in Hospice, Leavenworth, Ks. She completed work on Certification in Operating Room and has worked as RN in Surgery at St. John's and Salina Regional, in Salina, Ks. - 11 years. Jan retired from active nursing in 1999.

In other areas of services she has worked as Secretary at Christ The King Lutheran Church  1999 - 2007. Jan completed Parish Nurse Class in 2003.

In additon to serving as Church Organist/Pianist 1952 - present.

Parish Nurse Team