Christ The King Lutheran Church

Our Mission | The purpose of Christ the King is to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people and make them disciples of Jesus

Boards & Committees


CTK Board of Directors

President: Andrew Couch

Vice-President: Gary Boldenow

Secretary: Matt Rook

Treasurer: Dee Warren

Elder Chair: Steve Howe

Properties Chair: Hank Boyer

Dave Ascher

Megan Gardiner

Della Berger

(Advisory: Pastor Calvin Reinke)

January Meeting Minutes



Board of Elders

Steven Howe, Chairman (Zone 3)

Scott Krous (Zone 1)

Rustin Leonard (Zone 2)

Layne Parry (Zone 4)

Andy Anderson (Zone 5)

Chris Lawrenz (Zone 6)

(Advisory: Pastor Calvin Reinke)



Board of Properties

Hank Boyer, Chairman

Matt Hahn, Vice-Chair

Steve Herrs

Brian Hitchens

John Moulton

Bill Powell

Dennis Radke

(Advisory: Pastor Calvin Reinke)



Personnel Committee

Andrew Couch (President)

Steven Howe (Elders)

Hank Boyer (Properties)

Layne Parry

Scott Krous

Brian Hitchens

Kelly Leonard

Gregg Taylor

(Advisory: Pastor Calvin Reinke)

(Advisory: Jean Moulton, Business Manager)