Christ The King Lutheran Church

Our Mission | The purpose of Christ the King is to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people and make them disciples of Jesus

Boards & Committees


CTK Board of Directors

President: Andrew Couch

Vice-President: Gary Boldenow

Secretary: Matt Rook

Treasurer: Dee Warren

Elder Chair: Steve Howe

Properties Chair: Hank Boyer

Dave Ascher

Megan Gardiner

Della Berger

(Advisory: Pastor Calvin Reinke)

January Meeting Minutes



Board of Elders

Chairman: Scott Krous (Zone 1)

Vice-Chair:  Bob Campbell (Zone 3)

Rustin Leonard (Zone 2)

Andy Anderson (Zone 5)

Chris Lawrenz (Zone 6)

Steve Howe (Zone 7)

(Advisory: Pastor Calvin Reinke)



Personnel Committee

Layne Parry (President)

Scott Krous (Elders)

Brian Hitchens (Properies)

Kelly Leonard (LLCP Board)

Hank Boyer

Gregg Taylor

(Advisory: Pastor Calvin Reinke)

(Advisory: Jean Moulton, Business Manager)



Board of Properties

Chairman: Brian Hitchens

Vice-Chair: Hank Boyer

Bill Powell

John Moulton

Dennis Nelson

(Advisory: Pastor Calvin Reinke)



LLCP Board of Directors

Chairman: Kelly Leonard

Karen Couch

Denise Lawrenz

Charlie Warren

(Advisory: Chelsey Mueller, LLCP Director)

(Advisory: Pastor Calvin Reinke)

(Adviorsy: Jean Moulton, Business Manager)